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Our Philosophy

A birth center is a homelike facility, existing within a health care system, with a program of care designed in the wellness model of pregnancy and birth. Birth Centers are guided by principles of prevention, sensitivity, safety, appropriate medical intervention, and cost effectiveness. Birth Centers provide family-centered care for healthy women, before, during and after normal pregnancy, labor and delivery.

At the Birth Cottage, we believe that childbirth is a normal and natural event which when left to nature will proceed to an uncomplicated end in most cases. We believe the midwife's job is to assist the birthing family in the journey through pregnancy, labor, and birth by monitoring that natural process. Cases involving complications, which in our judgment cannot be handled safely, will be referred to persons trained to deal with obstetrical difficulties. Anesthetics are not provided for natural births. We believe in the woman's power and ability to give birth.

We also believe that childbirth is a family centered event and that the midwife's role is to enhance, not to usurp the family's power of unity. Except where there is an issue concerning the safety of the mother and/or child, we believe the parents should have the experiences they desire and we encourage specific parental requests regarding the birth experience.

We believe that couples must maintain full responsibility for their own health care and for the outcome of their birth. We will assist with information on nutrition, exercise and childbirth education, but you must assume the responsibility of maintaining your own excellent heath care.








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